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Ketogenic Diet Guide

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fitness journey

mode your metabolism slows down because it’s trying to maintain its resources but at the same time your body wants more food that is when the late night snacking starts to take over just to keep you awake and finally you’re too focused on dieting if there is one thing you can do right now is ditch the word dieting when we think of dieting it is often associated to restriction short-term and unsustainable regimes most people who have the mindset of dieting tend to gain more weight over time so ditch dieting and change that to healthy eating focus on nourishing your body with good food instead of depriving it and weight loss will happen as a natural side effect because primarily our goal is to be fitter healthier and live a more fulfilled life so I hope that this video will help you to take another look at your fitness journey ok instead of just being obsessed over the number on the skill or being so obsessed over our goals it is very important to enjoy the entire journey so be sure to give this video a thumb up share with your friends and subscribe to my youtube channel for a lot more fitness tips nutritional tips recipes workout videos and don’t forget to turn on your notification button so that you will get notified every time I upload a new video all the best ladies



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