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In our 41st episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’re going to observe the insanity of American groups employing commies. Remember, madness is a country of being mentally unwell, critically, extremely silly behavior, and a shape of frenzied or chaotic interest. Let’s check the insanity of Chinese infiltration of American business.

A current leak from Communist China indicates the quantity in their celebration affiliates interior American organizations. 3M, a major manufacturer of client and fitness care goods and maker of N95 respirators, employs at least 230 CCP individuals inside 5 Party gadgets. Weird, eh?

PepsiCo, the multinational snack and beverage corporation with brands like Lays, Doritos, Fritos, and Pepsi, has 45 personnel listed underneath its Party department committee. One of the sector’s largest chemical agencies, Dow Chemical Company, lists 337 CCP participants in 4 Party committees. How many humans died preventing the evils of communism best to have our own groups turn a blind eye.

Westin Hotels & Resorts, owned by means of Marriott International, has 23 members on the listing. Nielsen Holdings, some other leading business enterprise, has ninety four CCP individuals found out. Mars Food, makers of most of our sweet bars, has 14 commies at the list. Even outstanding insurer provider MetLife has 31 on the list. What goes on?

There has been clean proof that China stole the plans for our newest planes. Say what? CCP individuals in our aerospace industry are alive and nicely. For instance, Boeing, it become suggested in 2016, had at the least 287 CCP individuals hired. How approximately pharmaceutical corporations. Are they cozy? Pfizer, makers of our miracle COVID-19 vaccine, is a company with at least sixty nine Party contributors.

One of the more maddening is a corporation it is been round all the time. A staple of American enterprise if there ever changed into one is International Business Machines, IBM. Once a bastion of corporate perfection and stability now have at least dozen Party units with 808 participants in China. Of direction, they do have a questionable beyond with the Nazi’s.

We live in unheard of instances. We live in instances in which records doesn’t be counted. It doesn’t count because history isn’t taught, and visual symbols of history are being destroyed. People suppose, ‘Oh, that evil communism is lifeless and long past.’ All the even as, it’s far seeping into the whole thing we do.

May we wake from this madness before it’s too past due. I desire you properly fitness, and until subsequent time, have fun, enjoy life, and be careful for the insanity among us. It’s 2020, go searching; it’s outrageous.


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