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so that over time you can create a training program that’s effective and efficient for you it really does take time to figure out your own body you can’t just create a training program and know that this will work immediately you need to consistently adapt and make changes along the way besides that having a record is also a great way to keep you accountable to your goals for instance you’ll know if you manage to fit in five days of workout as planned this information is key to show you results and to keep you going now that you know the foundation of building a solid workout program i want you to put this into action and try it out for yourself to get you through your fitness journey i’ve also designed a well-structured training program every month on my fitness app called feel all the workouts are effective easy to follow with clear instructions and they are led by internationally certified trainers so you know you’re in safe hands plus the workouts can be done at home with very minimal equipment do check it out and sign up for free on or download on the app store or google play with


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